Why Fast Unlocking?

Fast Unlocking Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Fadi Shoman.

We started in business by selling mobile phones and were one of the first companies in the UK to import mobile phones. In 2001 we partnered with a UK company and started to produce our own software solutions to enable phone distributors to remove the network and sim locks from imported handsets. We where the first company to make unlock logs for Nokia dct4 and dongles after.

As the years rolled by we started to work on our own software solutions for the mobile phone industry and of course network unlocking.


We now write our own  software solutions and are experts at developing remote online server solutions and smart card protection, along with writing own loaders and scripts.

When it comes to mobile phones there is no company with a better understanding of programming and security. We write and develop our own custom boot loaders.

Do you want a your own software solution with your own logo? We have many affordable options to develop and brand your own software which will increase your profile. Please contact us for further information.